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In the uncertainty of the ‘most unusual year’ of 2020, ZGA STUDIO has welcomed the opportunity to offer a STANDARD SERVICE for sustainable and affordable, architect-designed houses that provide a solution for the next generation of housing. Joyful, resilient, healthy, comfortable and authentic – all guiding principles for the work ZGA STUDIO produce. The architectural
Zoe and Karen have recently undertaken the passive house designer course, and after passing the grueling exam, ZGA STUDIO is proud to have 2 certified Passive House Designers amongst its ranks. We are very much looking forward to bringing the science of building physics into our design practice- to deliver high performance buildings that have
A Review of the National Climate Emergency Summit
ADAPTABILITY would be a useful skill for navigating the rollercoaster ride of unexpected depths and heights that has marked 2020 so far - and we're not yet 6 months in. Does anyone's memory stretch back to the bushfires? That 'older' and more visible threat that chased us through late 2019 and early 2020; the pre-COVID-19
Our Studio During Covid-19
Studio Operations A little update on our studio and where we are at during these trying times. We understand and empathise with all that are struggling with the unusual and uncertain circumstances in which we find ourselves. This short video is for our clients, friends, colleagues and those who we work with daily.. a little
The Red List
Introduced by The International Living Future Institute, the Red List is a statement of harmful and dangerous materials and chemicals that are used in our construction industry. The ILFI's mission is "to lead the transformation toward a civilisation that is socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative". With respect to this mission, the list states
The time for change is now: Architects declare
My musings at the dawn of 2020 turn to a clear and simple message for us. I am filled with optimism. The time for change is now. Change is nothing new: we've all seen it, embraced it, or fought it off. However this time it's not a personal challenge or obstacle but rather a collective
‘We have a responsibility’

“Zoë Geyer of ZGA Studio, a practice of three people, said while her practice is yet to conduct a carbon audit, it already buys carbon offsets through Fifteen Trees at a cost of $25 per month, and donates to Bush Heritage.”

Hunting for George | meet the architect

“Zoë Geyer is the Principal Architect at ZGA STUDIO Pty Ltd, a design-intensive architecture studio producing highly crafted projects that are both innovative and functional. ZGA STUDIO works across a broad range of project types, specialising in distinctive residential projects, and creating inspiring environments. Their projects have a refined simplicity with careful consideration to the sculpting of space, use

Fifteen Trees

ZGA STUDIO stands proudly with the Fifteen Trees group in hope of creating a brighter and greener future. Planting over 140,000 trees since 2009, they have helped to cultivate a wonderful environmental impact throughout Australia and New Zealand. ⁠?

Architects Declare

“The twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the most serious issue of our time. Globally, buildings and construction play a major part, accounting for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions whilst also having a significant impact on our natural habitats.”

Climate-active Brick Facades – DETAIL – Magazine of Architecture + Construction Details

The Adaptive Brick study explores how urban microclimates could be improved through the evaporative cooling of irrigated brick facades. Source: Climate-active Brick Facades – DETAIL – Magazine of Architecture + Construction Details

Redesigning the Housing Market | Assemble Papers
Is housing really best left to market alone? Turns out there are many models for financing housing. Urban designer Andy Fergus shares his research into alternative housing models... Source: Redesigning the Housing Market | Assemble Papers
Queen Bess House | Q+A with Owners Sandy and Peter
Q+A Queen Bess House is THAT project – the first project designed, constructed, and delivered by ZGA; and recognised with the Houses Heritage Award in 2013. We were delighted with the outcome, and the owners are still ecstatic five years on. Read on for a recent Q+A with owners Sandy and Peter. What do you feel was
The Design Emotive

‘Sticky fingers are no problems at this home’ Article by Anthony Richardson