by Zoe Geyer on December 16, 2020

In the uncertainty of the ‘most unusual year’ of 2020, ZGA STUDIO has welcomed the opportunity to offer a STANDARD SERVICE for sustainable and affordable, architect-designed houses that provide a solution for the next generation of housing. Joyful, resilient, healthy, comfortable and authentic – all guiding principles for the work ZGA STUDIO produce. The architectural services model has been streamlined for simpler decisions and less preparation time (which equals less cost!).

The ZGA STUDIO – STANDARD SERVICE is best suited to new projects in regional areas to have a sensitive impact on the environment and deliver an authentic lifestyle – with the key question of what does it take to make a good life?

“We work with good people, crafting authentic architecture, for the like-minded, to achieve more with less”

– Zoë Geyer, Director of ZGA STUDIO

The guinea pig for these new services is our very own ZGA STUDIO Director Zoë Geyer. During COVID restrictions, Zoë took the opportunity to move down the coast, and now lives between Cape Woolamai and Melbourne. Zoë is in love with the Bass Coast and Gippsland region. She has recently joined the Bass Coast Landcare Network ( https://www.basscoastlandcare.org.au/ ) and Phillip Island Landcare Group. Zoë is exploring collaborations with conservation projects with farms in Gippsland, and looking at opportunities for farmers to diversify the land use and create micro farming, energy production and eco-tourism opportunities ( https://www.growingsoutherngippsland.org.au/ ). Zoë is also engaged in developing the vision for the LaTrobe Valley through Communities Leading Change ( https://communitiesleadingchange.org/ ). Zoë is developing the schematics for her own simple, off-grid regenerative passive house in Gippsland.

“We make joyful, authentic and sustainable architecture – while always considering future climate conditions”

– Zoë Geyer, Director of ZGA STUDIO