taran pierce

Building a foundation of knowledge and interest in the industry, Taran started out on the tools as a carpenter working for architectural builders throughout parts of Victoria. After a number of years on site Taran has moved on to undertake studies at RMIT Architecture to further develop his skills and understanding of the industry. Taran brings a keen and positive attitude to ZGA STUDIO while he aims to stay in touch with the realities of the architectural practice throughout his studies.

Tangibly working to translate architectural plans into concrete reality has given Taran an inside view into the construction process, and cultivated his passion for architectural design. Taran is fascinated by the balance of aesthetics, liveability and sustainability of the built environment and the ways in which they sculpt and impact our world.

Working in a professional and creative environment, Taran is seeking to enhance and build upon his knowledge through challenging and testing his ideas both through his studies and work with ZGA STUDIO. Taran endeavours to learn how to develop the necessary skills to make a contribution to society and the architectural profession.

spare time

after hours

Finding time between work and the intensities of being an architecture student Taran tries to escape the hustle and bustle of Melbourne to explore the wonders of Victoria. Camping, surfing, hiking and adventuring are Taran’s way of finding solitude and motivation for life.

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