queen bess house

east melbs context straight

This unique 1880s terrace house had been compromised after years of varied use and wear and tear. This project restored the house’s dignity and liveliness, informed by the client’s passion for uncompromising modern design and the preservation of history. This house is curated as a living museum for the client’s extensive art and furniture collections.

The renovations and new details introduce a layering of new stories to an already rich canvas. The existing arrangement of rooms was significantly altered. The ‘shoebox rooms’ at the rear of the house were opened up and replaced with coloured wall panelling hiding secret bathrooms; the master bedroom floated up to the attic; and the grand front rooms were reinterpreted as living and entertaining spaces.

location East Melbourne
year 2010-13
scope residential – alterations & additions
builder dc constructions
photographer dianna snape

Houses Awards – Heritage

Queen Bess House

Houses Award 2013

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Australian Interior Design Awards

Queen Bess House

Shortlist, Residential Design
Residential Shortlist 2013

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