Houses Awards – Heritage

East Melbourne House

Houses Award 2013

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Australian Interior Design Awards

East Melbourne House

Shortlist, Residential Design
Residential Shortlist 2013

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Architecture AU | ‘We have a responsibility’

Article by Linda Cheng
14 January 2020
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Home Design | ‘Courtyard Deck House: On a Mission’

Article by Louise Smithers
(Aus) Volume 22 Number August 2019, p.68
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Hunting for George blog – Zoe Geyer of ZGA Studio | Meet the Architect

Article by Lucy Glade-Wright
(Aus) 2 July 2019
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Hunting for George blog – Queen Bess House | ZGA Studio

Article by Lucy Glade-Wright
(Aus) 1 July 2019
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Houses | Kitchens + Bathrooms magazine – ‘Family Ties’

Article by Leanne Amodeo
(Aus) Annual Issue 14, June 2019, p.140
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Hunting for George blog – Courtyard Deck House | ZGA Studio

Article by Lucy Glade-Wright
(Aus) 2 January 2019
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HOUZZ blog – Stickybeak of the Week: A Family Home That Feels Forever Like a Beach Holiday

Article by Rebecca Gross
(Aus) 3 January 2019
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HOUZZ blog – Room of the Week: A Kitchen That Doesn’t Hide Everyday Clutter

Article by Vanessa Walker, Editor
(Aus) 10 December 2018
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Remodelista blog – Kitchen of the Week: A Laid-Back Courtyard Kitchen Where ‘Family Life Unfolds’

Article by Fan Winston
(US) 6 December 2018
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INSIDE magazine – DESIGNWALL ‘Courtyard Deck House’

(Aus) Annual Issue 104, November December 2018, p. 34
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LUNCHBOX ARCHITECT blog – ‘A Courtyard Deck’s the Perfect Way to Combine Old and New at This Home’

(Aus) 10 September 2018
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ARCHITECTURE VICTORIA blog – ‘Sticky fingers are no problems at this home’

(Aus) 17 September 2018
Article by Anthony Richardson
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Australian Design Review – Restoring ‘dignity and liveliness’ in East Melbourne

(Aus) 22 May 2018
Article by Natalie Mortimer
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Not a Paper House blog – Queen Bess House by ZGA Studio

25 May 2018
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DESIGNBOX blog – Queen Bess House in Melbourne by ZGA Studio

28 May 2018
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INSIDE magazine – ‘The Minds’

(Aus) Annual Issue 95, March April 2017, p. 35
Article by Jan Henderson
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INTERIORS ADDICT blog – ‘Interview: Zoë Geyer on growing her residential architecture business’

(Aus) 11 June 2014
Article by Olivia Shead
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CITY HOUSES book – ‘East Melbourne House’

(Spain) released 2014; Loft publications (IAS books)
‘East Melbourne House’ pp.90-101

CHANNEL 31 – Sacred Spaces documentary

(Aus) 23 October 2013
‘Queen Bess Row’ Series 5 Episode 8 produced by Glen Noble
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THE AGE – Domain

(Aus) – 7 September 2013
‘Queen Anne makes a stimulating connection’ text by Jenny Brown
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(Aus) p.28 – September 2013
‘Cue to Fly’ with text by Maria Harris
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HOUSES magazine Awards

(Aus) issue 93 – August 2013
Heritage Award for East Melbourne House by Zoë Geyer Architect
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HOUSES kitchens and bathroom

(Aus) annual issue 08 p.128 – June 2013
‘Grand Plans’ with text by Marcus Baumgart


(Aus) 17 June 2013
‘The preservation of history’ with text by Richard Misso
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HOUSES Magazine

(Aus) issue 92 p.114 – June 2013
‘East Melbourne House’ with text by Marcus Baumgart
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(Spain) 6 May 2013
‘East Melbourne House, historia y diseño actual por Zoë Geyer’
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D Pages blog

(New York) 13 April 2013
‘Playful & Refined: zga’s reno of an East Melbourne home’
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2012 ArchiTeam Awards

22 November 2012
No Vacancy Gallery, QV

2013 AIA Awards

29 May 2013
Pin-Up Space, Collingwood

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